Rohan K. Abraham

Rohan started his career as a Chartered Accountant focusing on Risk Advisory and Operational Consulting. 11 years on, he decided it was time to shift the emphasis from large corporations and businesses to grass root organisations working to improve peoples’ lives. In 2011, he started PledgeBack with the intent of assisting other people make such contributions while continuing the normal course of their lives.

Apart from running PledgeBack, Rohan works with many non profit organisations in Southern India helping them improve their effectiveness and spread. He advises the Board of an organisation working to provide marginalised people with access to water, sanitation and energy and is also on the Board of an Australian organisation working to remove energy poverty in India.

Rohan has worked with large accounting firms such as Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young and Grant Thornton and has experience in consulting with large corporations across the globe.

Rohan says, “PledgeBack aims to offer every individual and corporation the opportunity to assist non profit organisations in their work, by doing what they do best. Time is the most valuable commodity that you possess and we can help you connect with an organisation that fits your interests and maximises the benefit. Go out there and explore.”

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Gitanjali Singh Cherian

Gitanjali began her career in the fashion industry, focusing on the booming Indian retail market and later moved to the construction industry, where she was involved in the Marketing, Human Resources and Corporate Communications strategies for a large company. Gitanjali has a degree in International Business Management from Oxford Brookes University.

Her experience in Corporate Communications has been the most significant, as she has handled its entire value chain – from development of strategy to implementation – across multiple industries and geographies.

In 2009, Gitanjali decided to pursue her passion for writing and started freelancing in the area she knew and loved best – Corporate Communications. Four years on, she continues to assist companies in developing and executing their communication strategies. Most recently, she has accepted the role to design and develop key aspects of PledgeBack’s communication strategy.

Read Gitanjali’s personal blog here.


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