PledgeBack has three basic services that we offer.  We work exclusively with not for profit organisations and social enterprises.

1. Volunteer CONNECT: We receive applications from people around the world who want to volunteer. We then match them with organisations that are looking for volunteers. This is service that we provide at no cost. Volunteers and organisations can register at our website [].

2. Social Responsibility CONNECT:  We make every effort to link up Companies that are looking for CSR opportunities with organisations that require assistance.  Give us your requirements about financial and other assistance you are looking for, and we will help find you a sponsor.  Organisations seeking assistance and Companies looking for opportunites can register on our website.

3. Consultancy and Training: We provide consultancy and training services to not for profit and social organisations – focusing mainly on senior officials.  You can reach out to us to understand more about this at

Download our one page service summary document from the link below.

PledgeBack Advisory Services


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