Rediscovery Amidst Uncertainties

Having packed my suitcases and wistfully saying goodbye to a place I call home, I trotted hurriedly to the NAIA Airport filled with much contradictory emotions. On one hand, I am filled with hope to be in NYC again, and to fulfill one of my dreams of finding a job in the big apple. On another, I know how difficult it would be given that the economy then was still going through a recession and how disadvantaged I may seem to recruiters who know a number of applicants with impressive background, but still queuing at the long line of unemployment waiting for a chance to be handed that opportunity-no matter how golden or not it may be. Continue reading


Need help with your accounting?

We have launched an accounting desk that caters to the small and medium size non profit organisations and social enterprises.  Through this service, we will create and maintain your organisation’s books of accounts, prepare management reports for you each month and also close your financial statements at the end of the year.  Our accounting services follow Indian accounting standards and rules.  Over a period of time, we will study your organisation and tune the monthly reporting to suit your management style.

We hope that with this service, you will not require an in-house accounting team/ personnel and also benefit from the timely preparation of monthly books of accounts.

If you would like to know more about this, please do not hesitate to contact us at .


How do you value your time? The simple way

Time – it is the most valuable commodity you possess and consequently, the most valuable contribution you can ever make.  How then do you value your time? Well, the simple answer is… you cannot.  You cannot place a value on the worth of your time.  However, you can make some assumptions and then place a value.

Why is this value important?

It is important because it adds a sense of responsibility to every hour that you spend on work, leisure or anything really.  It makes you think about utilising your time efficiently.  It adds an opportunity cost element to your time.

How do you calculate the worth of your time?

While there are many ways to do this, we will stick to a very simple explanation for now.  To calculate this, you need to think about and assign a value to the following points:  Continue reading

Hurry. Advertise your brand with IndianKarting


Moto Ventures has a team of drivers participating in the Indian National Karting championship to be held in Hyderabad on June 16,2013.  As a first step in Social Responsibility, Moto Ventures has decided to offer the advertising space on its primary transport and storage container to social organisations and start-up ventures that would like to be associated with this sport at a very economical rate.   Continue reading

How five people can change the world and well… yours

A story about how five people can change the world.

They spent the last five years earning their degrees, traveling around the globe, and working on all sorts of projects for organizations big and small– all with a relentless desire to find work that inspires them, challenges them, and also pays their bills.

They realized that there’s no road map for finding meaningful work, no structured career path for people to figure out where and how they can make a difference, no community of people dedicated to this pursuit.

So that is exactly what we set out to build.  Read on


Credit: Thank you Joanie Ipili for pointing us to this organisation.