How five people can change the world and well… yours

A story about how five people can change the world.

They spent the last five years earning their degrees, traveling around the globe, and working on all sorts of projects for organizations big and small– all with a relentless desire to find work that inspires them, challenges them, and also pays their bills.

They realized that there’s no road map for finding meaningful work, no structured career path for people to figure out where and how they can make a difference, no community of people dedicated to this pursuit.

So that is exactly what we set out to build.  Read on


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Find out more about India’s new CSR rules

New rules governing Corporate Social Responsibility [‘CSR’] in India have been introduced by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs through the Companies Bill 2012.  As a consequence, there will be many corporations across the country that will be looking to invest their CSR funds in effective schemes or create their own schemes.

Do write in to us with your questions about this new bill and we will try and get them answered for you.  We have formed an interesting panel of professionals from across the industry and will present to them the most asked questions.

Write in to us at with your questions, name, organisation name [if any] and we will respond to you shortly.

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Core Elements of your CSR policy

While we still await more detailed rules and instructions on the implementation of the new Corporate Social Responsibility code as laid out in the Companies Bill, 2012, listed below is a short summary of the guidelines issues by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India in December 2009.

The Government of India released guidelines to assist companies in India to understand the new voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility Code.  As per these guidelines, the core elements that one must consider while establishing such a CSR policy are as follows:

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Can customers drive CSR spending?

An interesting line to suggest how Companies in India should read the new Companies Bill, 2012 rules on CSR spending.  Customers should be aware of what Companies are doing and could potentially use this to select which manufacturer to buy from or service provider to engage.  This will drive Companies to make the most of their spending.

Here’s what was said: Corporate Social Responsibility would really become meaningful only “when the customer evaluates the product based on the producer’s track record of social sensitivity, corporate social responsibility.” – R. Shankar, Executive Director of Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd Continue reading

Corporate Social Responsibility in India – Companies Bill 2012

On the 18th of December 2012, the Indian Legislature passed the Companies Bill 2012 and with this most would hope for significant positive changes in the operating and regulatory environment for Companies and Entrepreneurs working in India.  The 35 year old Union Minister of State for Corporate Affairs, Sachin Pilot, has said that the aim of the legislation was to make India a safe and attractive destination for investment and to do away with ‘inspector raj’ on companies


One of the key changes in the new bill is Continue reading