How five people can change the world and well… yours

A story about how five people can change the world.

They spent the last five years earning their degrees, traveling around the globe, and working on all sorts of projects for organizations big and small– all with a relentless desire to find work that inspires them, challenges them, and also pays their bills.

They realized that there’s no road map for finding meaningful work, no structured career path for people to figure out where and how they can make a difference, no community of people dedicated to this pursuit.

So that is exactly what we set out to build.  Read on


Credit: Thank you Joanie Ipili for pointing us to this organisation.

What Would Lincoln Think Of Modern Day Slavery?

Everyone must watch this video. #ImWithLincoln


“We are inspired by a world in which all women, children, and men are free. Made In A Free World is building a coalition of consumers, businesses, and governments to disrupt the system of slavery. We produce innovative campaigns, front line projects, consumer engagement tools, and marketable business solutions to get slavery out of our system. Let’s help make sure everything and everyone is Made In A Free World”

Salman Khurshid – Quote

While the Government undertakes extensive developmental initiatives through a series of sectoral programmes, the business sector also needs to take the responsibility of exhibiting socially responsible business practices that ensures the distribution of wealth and well-being of the communities in which the business operates. – Salman Khurshid