How To “Find” The Time To Volunteer

Many of us would like to volunteer, but find that we just don’t have the time. Our lives are made up of work, family and other commitments and for someone whose days are filled with moving from one task to another, finding the time to volunteer might seem impossible.

Perhaps, however, it isn’t a question of “finding” the time, but more of “making” the time. Continue reading


Have you ever pledged back?

They say the best way to lead is by example. If you have ever volunteered, share your story with us at – it could encourage someone to do something good. Hope to hear from you!

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The Golden Years – A Golden Opportunity

Perhaps you know someone – a grandparent, an old school teacher or a retired professional – who may benefit from volunteering during the golden years of his/ her life.  Read on to find out how.

Several countries across the world have shown an increase in the number of older people volunteering in recent years. Some may argue that this is simply due to changing demographics, while others may say it is due to an increased awareness amongst older people of the importance of civic engagement.  But whatever the reason, there is no denying the benefits older people can bring to volunteering in terms of their experience, wisdom and commitment.

An aspect that is sometimes overlooked however, is what the person volunteering can gain from the experience. This article aims to highlight just that: Continue reading