PledgeBack believes that time is the most valuable contribution anyone can make to society. We work with non profit organisations, volunteers, donors and companies to help them realise how best they can ‘Pledge Back’.

Consequently, our focus is in connecting volunteers with non profit organisations.

Volunteers can choose organisations and causes that best fit their interests Volunteer your time and skills by the hour and over the year. You don’t need to visit an organisation if you don’t have to. Work from home or your office.

Explore. Connect. Support.

Non profit organisations can choose volunteers that best fit their needs Define your activities and describe the help you need. Scan our directory of volunteers to see who can best help you.

Reach Out. Connect. Benefit

Companies can track their CSR contributions based on how their employees volunteer. Enlist your employees and promote social contribution in your organisation. Track and shape your Corporate Social Responsibility activities across causes, organisations and geographies as each employee adds to the social equity of your organisation.

Enrol. Encourage. PledgeBack.

PledgeBack is all about the ‘Power of You’! Go ahead, join the community and power the change.


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